Safety Precautions & Information

UpdatedTuesday January 30, 2018 byPatty Ragas.

As we begin another soccer season, we must remain mindful of a few basic safety tips.  Even in the best of circumstances, accidents can happen.  In addition, the daily news reports remind us of the fact that crime can happen anywhere at any time.  We as parents need to always be on alert and be prudent in our actions.  Please keep the following tips in mind:

·         Goal Safety

o        Do not, under any circumstances, allow children to swing or hang on goals.  Even though we've added weights and/or sandbags to the goals in order to stabilize them, the goals can tip over.  There have been numerous incidents around the country where players have suffered serious injury, and even death, from goals tipping over onto players.  Please do not let kids climb, swing or hang on the goals. 

·         Parking Lot Safety

o        Please drive slowly and carefully when you are in the parking lot.  Kids are everywhere.  Even with reminding, children can dart out in front of cars.  Once out of their cars, many kids put their ball on the pavement and start kicking it toward the fields, not looking for oncoming traffic.  Please do not let children run in between parked cars and keep them close at all times.  Be on alert for children coming from any direction while driving near the soccer fields.   

o        Do not leave valuables in your parked car.  Cars are broken into at shopping malls, schools and in parking garages.  Assume that crime can happen anywhere at any time.  Protect your valuables.  Either do not leave them in your car, or hide them so they are not visible.   

·         Field Safety

o        Parents and guardians need to stay with their children at all practices and games.  With kids running and kicking soccer balls, sometimes they get hurt.  Even with steps to prevent them, injuries happen in sports.  Over the history of LSC, there have been scrapes, bruises, bloody noses, broken bones and torn knee ligaments.  When injuries happen, parents need to be involved.  At LSC, the first step in dealing with an injury is to assess the severity.  The next step is to involve parents or guardians.  If the parent or guardian is not available, and there is any question about the severity of an injury, the coach and/or LSC officials will call for an ambulance and send the player to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.  Parents and guardians need to be involved in decisions regarding the health and welfare of their children.  Please do not force others to make these decisions for you.  Be there for your child. 

o        Pets are not allowed on the LSC fields during practices or games.  Unfortunately, we've had incidents where players have been injured by pets on leashes at the fields.  We cannot allow this to occur.  Please do not bring your pets, even if they are on a leash, to the LSC soccer fields. 

o        Watch for any suspicious vehicles or individuals near or around the fields.  Again, crime can happen anywhere at any time.  Always be vigilant.  Report any suspicious activity or individuals to an LSC official and/or call 911.  We have a close relationship with the city of Lawrence and the Lawrence police department.  They are dedicated to keeping our parks and our city safe.  Do not hesitate to call for their assistance. 

·         Weather Safety

o        In the event that lightning or other dangerous weather approaches the fields during practices or games, a horn will sound.  In addition, the red flag will be raised and the flashing light will be turned on.  Anyone on the fields must leave immediately!  Please heed these warnings.  The last place you want to be in a lightning storm is on an open field.  If you think lightning won't strike you, please remember that in previous years, lightning has struck the sprinkler heads buried in the LSC fields.  Lightning is dangerous.  Again, PLEASE, heed any and all warnings!

We always look forward to a fun and safe time every season at LSC.  Your attention and compliance to the precautions noted above are appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you out on the soccer fields. 


LSC Board