UpdatedTuesday January 17, 2017 byPatty Ragas.

Lawrence Soccer Club was founded in 1973 and up until the Fall of 2015, was formerly operating under the name NYSL (Northeast Youth Soccer League). We have only just recently been informed by Indiana Soccer Association that we are the OLDEST soccer club in the STATE of Indiana! The club initially started with around 100 players and now boasts of over 600 players per season. It was founded as a recreational soccer league to introduce soccer to Lawrence community youth. Lawrence Park provided the home fields for the newly formed league. The Lawrence Optimists and Ben Franklin Dime Store were LSC's original backers. Prior to the founding of LSC, players interested in soccer were playing at Ransburg YMCA or in Washington township at the Jewish Community Center. LSC originally played on the old football fields and at Belzer High School [now a middle school]. The sign ups were held outside at the old shelter by the football fields. Parking was where the fields are now. Prior to the expansion of Lawrence Park, LSC played on what is now the southern and eastern sections of the Lawrence Soccer Complex. 

Shortly after the league was founded in the 1970's a travel component of the league was formed named the Lasers. The Lasers evolved into the Saints who grew into a large travel club with nearly 20 individual teams. However, the Saints dwindled over time as individual teams moved to other travel clubs including Indy United, Indianapolis Soccer Academy, Indy Revolution, and Lawrence Soccer Academy. Additional efforts successfully reunited all of the spin-off clubs under our neighbor travel soccer club: FC Pride (with the exception of Indy Revolution). 

Over the years, LSC has continued to grow, reaching an all-time high of 1205 players in the Fall 1999 season. Today there are between 500 and 700 players in any season at LSC. 

Lawrence Park has evolved as well, becoming a premier soccer complex. It has grown from nine (9) fields to twenty-one (21) at the present time. This expansion was necessary and was completed so that the Park could hold the Region II Finals in June of 2000. During this major renovation, two seasons of training and games were held offsite (Fall 1999 and Spring 2000). For LSC, this meant a temporary relocation to the grass airstrip on the property of Best Access, located in the southwest corner of Binford Boulevard (Old SR 37) and 75th Street. Today, LSC conducts practices and games primarily on the northern fields of the Lawrence Soccer Complex (Fields 15 through 21) as well as Fields 13 & 14 on the south fields. 

For over 40 years, LSC has had the pleasure of introducing the youth of Lawrence and Indianapolis to the game of soccer in an atmosphere where fun is a priority, and everyone gets to take part in the game. We hope to continue this goal for many years to come.